Principal's Corner


     It is time to begin another wonderful school year at Holy Trinity Catholic School.  August is a great time of excitement as we return to the classroom to meet new teachers, and learn new things.  We are opening our school year with two new school wide campaigns.  The first is filling our buckets with kindness.  We will be spreading kindness like confetti throughout the year.  Each day, we will pray the following morning offering:  

Oh my God, I give you today,
all that I think, and do and say.  I give you my love for Jesus, your Son, 
I will try to be kind and lover everyone.  Amen

     We will also begin highlighting the fruits of the spirit each month.  Each week we will focus on a Bible verse that helps us learn more about the fruits of the spirit.  In August, the word is faithfulness.  What a gift to find the will to persevere when difficulties arise in our path.  With faithfulness, we press on assured that God is always with us.  At the end of the month, we will celebrate one student who has demonstrated faithfulnees from each homeroom as a Knight of the month.

August 15-Tri-School Mass, 10 AM, SSC Gym

August 16
- Sixth grade retreat
The themes for our two sixth grade classes this year are The Greatest Commandment and The Great Commission.  Jesus tells us in the gospel of St. Matthew what our relationship should be with God, what our relationships with other people should be, and we are told to go out - out of our comfort zone- and bring people to Christ.

Father Mike will be leading a retreat focused on these themes.   It is a time to see and hear God's Word, as well as to find out how that applies to each one of us individually and to the "us" as a whole. How do we apply it once we have heard it?